Penrose Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

Gunner - Penrose Marsh Gunner
Penrose Gold Rush From Longmeadow (imp USA) x SWE CH Penrose Ripple My Fancy NW

Penrose Marsh Gunner

DM normal by parentage

PRA clear by parentage

Eyes clear

Hips 4-5

Elbows 0
Penrose Marsh Gunner

By my American field trial bred import, Gunner is an out and out wildfowler's dream

he is an excellent marker, will go back any distance for seen or blinds, in water or on land

he is very good finding wounded wildfowl in tall, thick, dense reeds, which grow out from the banks of the River Exe in Devon

A very kind, sociable dog, he is quiet and soft mouthed
Penrose Marsh Gunner

Normally he would have done one if not two seasons on geese and duck with several trips to The Solway in Scotland, unfortunately Covid prevented this

Gunner is never shown