About Penrose

I train all my dogs myself without using any aggressive equipment, force fetching or electric collars - the use of which is illegal in Wales.
My dogs have always been selected in their breeding for game finding ability and the desire to work with me and for me. I like a quiet, soft mouthed dog that is biddable, strong and tireless in the shooting field.

Penrose Jack Tar
When I bought my first Chesapeake almost nobody knew anything about them, most people had never heard of the breed. Nothing had been achieved and the challenge to see what this breed could do was exciting. I started at the bottom and quickly worked my way up - every year we pushed the bar a little higher. Almost all of my Field Trial and working Test awards were in Any Variety stakes, winning more FT awards with more Chessies than anyone else. I believed then and still do that the strength of this breed is as a working dog, which is why I aim to breed intelligent, happy, healthy dogs that want to work as wildfowling dogs. I also put every effort into making sure they are extremely nice looking - if I can do this I feel I have achieved my aim.
Penrose Chesapeakes

Waiting for the drive to start on the River Usk
If a dog has intelligence and wants to work with you you can do almost anything with it. Penrose Chesapeakes have trained for many different jobs such as search and rescue including avalanche disasters, sniffer dogs for narcotics and explosives, obedience, agility, therapy, T.O.U.C.H therapy, stalking, wildfowling, flighting and working dogs etc. We work our dogs throughout the whole season

In the early 1980's I won an A/V Novice WT and then an A/V Open WT, the first time a Chesapeake had achieved either. In 1984 we won the first Novice FT award, then the first Open FT award. We were invited to compete at international WT level at game and country fairs in teams of mixed breeds, winning 2 team 1st's and an individual 2nd at the CLA Game Fair.
Penrose Chesapeakes

This photo was taken soon after the one above. On a busy drive I work a team of dogs - as one dog returns with a pheasant the other is going out for the next one coming downstream
Always interested in correct conformation we compete against other Chessies in summer shows. We have won Top Dog in the breed for most of the past 35 years.

In 2008 the KC at last gave the breed CC status. Valentine won the first CC at Crufts on the 9th of March. At The Club show in July both Valentine and his dam Old Money made breed history by winning the Dog and Bitch CC to become the very first UK Show Champions. Valentine soon after gained his working qualification and again made history by becoming the first UK Full Champion.

There are as I write there are 13 UK bred Full Champions - 10 are from the Penrose kennels. These are dogs that have qualified both on the bench and in the field.

At all breeds championship shows only 6 Chesapeakes have gained Gundog group placings - 5 are Penrose.

Three UK bred Chesapeakes have won BOB at the FCI World Dog Shows - Penrose Navigator, Penrose Old Money and Penrose New Penny.

There are at least 50 Penrose Champion Chesapeakes worldwide - most are worked.
Penrose Chesapeakes

In between drives on a beating day with Chessies and our toy Yorkie